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I Have No Place To Cry

Anna is kidnapped and sold to Richard. She has been capitative for years now inside this basement.

Richard uses her as a maid and sex slave but at the same time manipulates her emotions by acting kind and loving at times.

Anna is confused and questions herself when she gets the opportunity to choose between two different futures. She wrestles with her own mind as she’s forced to decide.


Official Trailer


The film begins with Anna in the bathroom remembering her kidnapping while brushing a young girl's doll. The doll represents her inner child - vulnerable and innocent. She tries to remind herself of who she was before.

Richard is hungry and barges in on Anna to tell her so. She does her duty and makes him a sandwich. As she watches him eat, the silence is thick with her disgust and his ambivalence towards her. The light hits Anna’s face and her heart grows heavy and desperate for freedom.

Richard interrupts her peace by telling her that he is ready for another plate, she gets frustrated, stands up, and goes to the kitchen. There she contemplates making a choice.

When she returns with his seconds, he shows her unexpected affection and thanks her. As an audience, we begin to wonder if maybe Richard isn’t all bad. She sits in front of the window looking longingly while Richard eats.

He does not look at her. When he finishes he stands up to go to the bathroom and Anna finally gets the chance to be alone. She runs to the fan to feel the air blow through her hair and we are suddenly transported into her imagination - a scene so breathtaking and a freedom even we can taste. Richard interrupts the moment and we are torn back to reality.

He calls her to bed. He is intimate with her but she is not enjoying it. She has resolved her current situation and doesn’t fight back. Afterward, Anna lies awake contemplating what has become of her life.

The next day, Richard struggles to open the door and is clearly drunk. For the first time, he forgets to close and lock the door behind him. Anna takes her chance and moves towards the door with apprehension.

Richard is so drunk he can’t even move to stop her. For the first time, Anna steps over the threshold and is able to look at the sky. She can feel the sun on her face and thinks in that moment of the possibility of freedom, but her fear pulls her back.

She realizes that she doesn’t have any place to go, she doesn’t know anyone. She questions herself - what is outside of this door and these walls? She is trapped but at the same time wondering if the outside is safe for her. She makes the challenging choice to go back inside.

Selections and Awards

Official Selection at Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) 2024 Canadian Screen Awards (Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television) qiulifying Festival

The film has won at the Best Shorts Competition; 

Award of Merit: Film Short: Producers, Fady Jeanbart / Olivia Jamgotchian / Nora Salim

Award of Merit: Direction: Director, Fady Jeanbart

Award of Merit: Actress: Leading, Dani Alvarado

Award of Merit: Editing: Editor, Fady Jeanbart

Meet The Main Team

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