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At PyraMax Productions, we have a deep passion for the filmmaking industry.

We believe that it is our responsibility to tell the stories of those who can't speak for themselves. Our passion is to blend the creative, bold ideas of a new generation of filmmakers with the expertise of the best people in the cinema.

We produce films that tell the true stories of real-life heroes. We believe that, more than any time before, these stories of struggle, heroism, and survival in the face of adversity must be told.


Feature Films

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feature film projects.

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Short Films

Check out our award winning and globally recognized short film collection.

Featured Films

Feature Films

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SEA Wings

Mahmoud Ashram is a 9-year-old, sharp-witted, gutsy boy. After being uprooted from his home country, Syria, Mahmoud is forced to risk his life in order to find refuge for his family and a place to belong.

Escaping By Sea is now under development with the participation of three production companies: Pyramax Productions (USA) and Joy (Beirut).

The film's script is ranked in the top 12% of analyzed scripts by We Screenplay (Ranking in the top 1% for 
concept and 7% for overall impression). Marked in American Film Market 2020.

This movie is supported by The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Sweden, and The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Switzerland.

Directed by Fady Jeanbart

Short Films

Short Films

Test - TINFF Poster.png

Anna is kidnapped and sold to Richard. She has been capitative for years now inside this basement. Richard uses her as a maid and sex slave but at the same time manipulates her emotions by acting kind and loving at times. Anna is confused and questions herself when she gets the opportunity to choose between two different futures. She wrestles with her own mind as she’s forced to decide.

Directed by Fady Jeanbart



“The Red” is an award-winning, experimental film. In “The Red” a lone man, who represents the youth of a nation, sits inside a windowless room, only hearing the violence and suffering just outside his safe surroundings. His peers are protesting against the abuses and restrictive control of an oppressive regime. Should he venture outside to join the fight for freedom at great personal risk…injury, even death? Will he cross the red line, and make the ultimate sacrifice?

“The Red” was selected for multiple film festivals and was marketed in the 2018 Cannes
Film Festival Short Corner.

Directed by Fady Jeanbart

Used to be 1.jpg


After being forced to leave her father, Anna goes through an emotional journey without
knowing what is next…what her future holds.

Directed by Fady Jeanbart

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