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The Cost Film


Written & Directed
by Fady Jeanbart

Produced by
Pryamax Productions

“The Red” is an award-winning, experimental film. In “The Red” a lone man, who represents the youth of a nation, sits inside a windowless room, only hearing the violence and suffering just outside his safe surroundings. His peers are protesting against the abuses and restrictive control of an oppressive regime. Should he venture outside to join the fight for freedom at great personal risk…injury, even death? Will he cross the red line, and make the ultimate sacrifice?

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Telling a story for those who can't speak for themselves

Pyramax Productions is a full-service boutique production company and media agency specializing in high quality filmmaking and creative direction. Our award winning team of writers, directors, editors and producers has created content for a wide variety of mediums, from social media posts to feature films.

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by Fady Jeanbart

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